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A Caffeine dependent writer who loves writing on self-help, life, happiness and motivation. Future best-selling author trying to find meaning in small things.
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It takes backbreaking work to create a stunning life.

Sadly, people want instant success, instant fame, and instant money. I don’t believe that it takes 21 days to create a habit. No one wants to wait that long. So if you follow these micro-habits from today, you’ll get instant results within 10 days.

1. Learn to say ‘No’ more

Get hold of your hours. Learn to say ‘No’ more. Each day will present you with tons of opportunities, but you must say ‘No’ to most of them to live a peaceful life.

Figure out your priorities and reject everything else. Don’t attend the call when you…

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I woke up the other day with amazing news:

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Who couldn’ve predicted a virus that would seal everyone in their homes? Away from work, from people, you might be working remotely and spending more time with family.

As a full-time employee, it’s challenging to adopt the new norm. But in the past few months, we’ve been doing it because of no other choice.

Everyone wants to make more money and become financially independent or live a life of luxury. …

Writer | Storyteller | Entrepreneur |Coffee addict | Vicious reader

Me day dreaming some big idea


Hi wonderful people!

My name is Yousuf Rafi, and I am on a mission to inspire 100,000 people with my writing.

My birth was unexpected, but I want to make my life worth living.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah with a humble beginning. I was a shy kid. When I was in 5th grade, we migrated to Pakistan, Karachi, and since then Karachi is my homeland.

I have parents, siblings, and supportive friends. I am addicted to the process of writing. Storytelling is my strength. …

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My first earning might be a coincidence, but my latest earning is well-planned.

I was rejected from The Startup a couple of times which is why I worked harder and succeeded.

Over the past five months, I’ve been writing one blog daily, and the results were entirely satisfactory. Well, at least for someone working a full-time job and writing on Medium as a hobby.

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I was raised in a culture where a degree means a decent job, and a decent job means one can buy a home, car, and get married.

I completed my degree in computer systems and landed my first job in an eCommerce store. I was pretty happy as I was stepping into the practical world where dreams come true.

But sadly, when I started doing the actual work, I realized that my degree was irrelevant or somewhat outdated to the systems implemented in the eCommerce website.

It was my first realization that a degree is useless.

Out of frustration, I…

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If you cage me in a cell for a month with a cell phone and an internet connection, I would only watch one video on repeat to stay motivated.

Rocky Balboa's interaction with his son.

In hindsight, the son blamed his father for his problems — the father, Rocky, made the best inspiring speech ever in Hollywood history.

I felt the same when I was rejected by ‘The Startup’ publication a couple of times.

Hopelessly, I published my article on Know Thyself, Heal Thyself; a big thank to Diana C.

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Whatever you are doing right now that is contributing to your future.

Mostly, we sit down and plan things. We analyze the past and execute the future.

The logical way is to take the necessary steps to achieve a goal. After all, we have limited time and energy.

If you’re stuck in life or not growing at your desired speed, chances are, some bad habits have sabotaged your life. You might assume that these harmless tiny bad habits are doing nothing, but in reality, they are ruining your life.

Here are seven habits that you need to quit right now…

Yousuf Rafi

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