13 Sales Techniques & Strategies that Will Force People to Buy

1- Best Day & Time to Call your Prospect

2- Don’t Bad Mouth Your Competitors

3- Close Like Harvey Specter

4- Offer More Than One Option

5- Smile Like Joker

6- Be a Doctor

7- Forget Introvert or Extrovert, be an Ambivert

8- Be Active on Social Media

9- Body langue Counts Big Time

10- Sell in the first 5 minutes

11- Pitch 6 times

12- Copy Your Prospects

13- Believe in yourself

In a Nutshell

There is a closed-pack competition out there. If you want to succeed as a salesperson, you cannot afford to leave even one tip from above.



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Yousuf Rafi

Yousuf Rafi


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