7 Career-Drowning Habits Every Writer Must Avoid

Avoid these habits and advance your writing career in no time.

Yousuf Rafi
4 min readJun 6, 2022


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Good or bad, habits deliver results.

I’ve been writing for more than five years now, and along my journey, I have abandoned some bad writing habits that have cost me a fortune.

Today, I will be sharing some lousy writing habits that every writer must avoid.

1. Not working hard on the headlines

Your headline might engage the readers or drive them away. 80% of the readers will drift away from a boring headline.

As a writer, you need to craft better headlines.

Listicles are good. Asking questions in the headline. Share what the reader will get upon reading the article. For instance, here are some of the headlines from my most popular articles:

  • 10 Micro-Habits to Improve Your Life in the Next 10 Days
  • Happiness is an Inside Job — How to Stay Happy in Tough Times?
  • One Hack to Hypnotize Readers With Your Blogs
  • Stop Scrolling Aimlessly on Your Phone And do These 8 Things Instead

Do you want to know what all of these headlines have in common?

They all convey a clear message of what the article will be about.

As a writer, you need to learn how to craft impressive headlines. Go through my profile and read just the headlines.

Bad writers spend less time writing a headline, while good writers invest a lot of time in it.

So, which one will you be?

2. Trying to write content without storytelling

Most writers try to write in a boring style. If your writing is not engaging readers, a good reason is that you are not telling them amazing stories.

As a writer, learn the art of telling compelling stories. Share stories from your life or people around you. Stories unleash tremendous emotions in the heart of the reader.

Tell stories with sincerity. Don’t lie to the reader. They’ll get it and leave you. Tell them stories that…



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