8 Tiny Habits That Made a Huge Difference in my Life

Follow these practical habits to live a peaceful life.

Yousuf Rafi


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Habits can make or break your life.

No, it doesn’t take 21 days to develop a habit. If you incorporate these tiny habits into your life, you'll see significant changes from next week.

1. Start your day with a positive mindset

Regardless of your handout, begin each day with an exhilarating mindset.

Research suggests 8–10 am the best time to write down thoughts, recite affirmations and fill your mind with amazing ideas.

The way you start your day defines how you intend to spend your day. Begin each day with gratitude. Write down 10 things that you’re grateful for. Afterward, write 10 blog ideas, business ideas, or your learnings from yesterday.

A perfect time to reflect on your good moments.

2. Read self-help books/blogs

If you like reading inspirational blogs, invest $5 a month and read unlimited articles from various authors on Medium.

Feel free to read the blog on my profile and stay motivated throughout the day.

If you prefer books, read Ryan Holiday, Mark Manson, Seth Godin, or Gary Vaynerchuk. You’ll find massive motivation in their books.

3. Get 1% better every day

If a writer improves his writing by 1% every day, after a year, he is 365% better than those who are working like a robot.

Regardless of your field, improve your skill one percent at a time. Read a book, watch a YouTube video, communicate with an expert, or ask a new question.

Going to the gym for 5 hours a day won’t do anything, but gyming for one hour every day for 4 months will transform you into a handsome hunk.

4. Stop reaching and start responding

Your co-worker says something abusive. Now, you have two options. You can respond similarly, or you can ignore or respond calmly.

Here’s the thing. Before responding, think of the outcome that you want to achieve…



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