9 Traits of Utterly Exceptional Employees

Spot these habits and reward your employees.

Yousuf Rafi


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What separates a good worker from a great one was the subject of a recent survey of more than 500 CEOs. What is the most common quote from top officials? Time spent in the workplace was irrelevant. They needed to gain the necessary expertise. It wasn’t their communication skills with customers.

It came down to character.

When leaders spoke about “personality,” they weren’t talking about extroversion or introversion. They were referring to the person’s ‘emotional intelligence,’ which measures their more fundamental talents.

1. They can put off immediate satisfaction

A great worker never uses the phrase, “that’s not in my job description.” Outstanding workers go above and beyond their assigned tasks. They don’t back down from a challenge or feel they’re owed anything before they do the work; they push on, knowing they’ll be rewarded for their efforts but not caring if they aren’t immediately.

2. They can remain calm in the chaos

Although great workers avoid confrontation, they don’t actively seek it out either. And yet, they can keep their cool and argue rationally for their viewpoints. They can shrug off insults directed at themselves so long as progress is made and they never resort to such behavior.

3. They can zero down on what

When things begin to go awry, student pilots are reminded, “Don’t forget to fly the aircraft.” There have been plane accidents caused by pilots who were so focused on finding the source of the issue that they accidentally crashed the aircraft.

One such flight is Eastern Airlines’ 401: Although warnings were being sounded, the flight crew was preoccupied with the landing gear being down and didn’t notice they were descending until it was too late. Highly competent workers know how to “Just fly the aircraft.” They don’t let irate clients or business drama make them rethink their caffeine preference. They can sort out the relevant information from the irrelevant so they can keep their attention on the issues at hand.



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