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My name is Yousuf Rafi, and I am on a mission to inspire 100,000 people with my writing.

My birth was unexpected, but I want to make my life worth living.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah with a humble beginning. I was a shy kid. When I was in 5th grade, we migrated to Pakistan, Karachi, and since then Karachi is my homeland.

I have parents, siblings, and a beautiful, supportive wife. I am addicted to the process of writing. Storytelling is my strength. …

Happiness is an inside job. Use these simple tips to turn your boring day into a happy one.

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What? Is it even possible to be happy all the time? Yes. It is, and I am about to reveal 9 ways in which you can be happy all day long.

1. Make Exercise Part Of Your Life

I have personally experienced it. When I feel depressed, I walk away from everything and exercise for 10 minutes. And trust me, a little break and stretching do wonders for your mood.

2. Train Your Brain To Think Positively

“Happiness is the precursor to success.” — Shawn Achor

According to Shawn Achor — author of The Happiness Advantage, happiness…

Lethal mistakes business owners need to avoid at all costs

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It was supposed to be a quick delivery. But the lazy delivery service ruined the whole online shopping experience.

Let us give you a little background.

My wife started her venture recently, Glowish which, sells cosmetics is growing at a phenomenal speed.

In the early stages, we hired a small startup delivery service. Since both of us were new, so there was passion, dedication, and customer experience. But as they say, some businesses lose that touch of excellence when they start scaling. A similar thing happened with the delivery service.

They were phenomenal in the beginning. Every order was delivered…

Stop wasting your time on good-for-nothing things.

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What comes to your mind when you see this picture? An hourglass, right? Wrong! For ordinary people, this is an hourglass, but who said you are ordinary? You are special in your own way.

Every day, GOD gives you 1440 minutes to make a difference in the world. You can either cry, blame others, blame your situation, or you can jump out of your bed excited to achieve something, to bless this world with your work. To help needy people. To become the hope in an ungrateful world.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Writing 150+ blog posts on Medium has taught me lessons that even 4 years of writing haven’t.

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Medium is YouTube for writers.

That’s how my friend introduced me to Medium last year. And since then, I am addicted to writing even more.

Since last year I’ve learned a lot about writing on Medium. And after 150+ posts, I would like to share those concepts with my followers and novice Medium writers.

1. You Don’t Have To Write Every day

But after my 50th blog, I came across a post in a Facebook group that suggested that “You don’t have to write every…

Learn how to reset your mind in tough times

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Sometimes you need to hit the reset button to cheer yourself up. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. The good thing is that these 10 minutes exercises will help you re-energize your mind and soul and turn your mood around.

Let’s begin:

1. Go For A Walk

2. Do Something Creative

Rejection after rejection, I’ve accumulated some strategies that have worked for me. You’re allowed to steal them and use them.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone writes with the same intensity, same passion, and intention to add value to the world. I’ve been writing for 4 years, and over these years, I’ve learned some tried and tested ways to improve your writing in no time.

Here is what I’ve learned in the past 4 years of writing:

1. Ship Work Everyday

People ask me how to improve my writing? I say, ‘Deliver a…

Small changes that’ll create big ripples and improve your life expeditiously.

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Your life is like an Onion. There are countless layers, and with each layer, you shed a tear. Consider one layer as a phase of life. It is just one moment in your grand life. Stop thinking about the previous layer. Move on to a new phase of life where there is joy, love, and so much that you can enjoy.

As humans, you have the ability to make the necessary changes in your life and improve yourself. No one else will improve your life the way you can.

Here are some easy ways to get your life back in…

Some things I’ve learned over the years that’ll help you lead a happy and peaceful life.

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Hello friends! Today I turn 34. Happy birthday to me! I cannot believe that I am 34, It feels like old, but I am super excited for the next half of my life even though the world seems a bit chaotic right now, with the COVID and all. But I would love to share what I’ve learned in the past 34 years.

Every experience has taught me lessons that help me lead a peaceful life.

Here are 14 life lessons from the life of a mindful nerd:

1. Check On Yourself More Than You Check Social Media

Finally, Science cracked the precise time for optimum productivity.

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Are you randomly clicking cute pet photos at work? You are not procrastination; researchers at Hiroshima University in 2012 suggested that you are being productive. Scrolling through those cute pet photos increases our focus and relax our mind.

Do you feel that going on an extended vacation is running away from responsibilities? Not at all; a 2011 study suggests that it reboots your cognitive energy which helps in solving complex problems.

These researches prove that, unlike other parts, the brain is a muscle that gets tired with repeated stress. So, instead of pulling those all-nighters or running a timed marathon…

Yousuf Rafi

A Caffeine dependent writer who loves writing on self-help, life, happiness and motivation. Future best-selling author trying to find meaning in small things.

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