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A Caffeine dependent writer who loves writing on self-help, life, happiness and motivation. Future best-selling author trying to find meaning in small things.
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It takes a strenuous effort to create a wonderful life.

Stop believing that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Forget habits. Go for micro-habits. Change small things daily, and within 2-week's time, there will be miraculous changes in your life.

Add these 15 micro-habits one by one every…

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Writers are not beggars.

But sadly, after the recent changes in Medium Partner Program (MPP), I’ve seen writers begging for followers.

The most common approach I’ve seen in Facebook groups is writers asking to follow, and they will follow back in return.

I highly respect the excitement of new writers…

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It takes backbreaking work to create a stunning life.

Sadly, people want instant success, instant fame, and instant money. I don’t believe that it takes 21 days to create a habit. No one wants to wait that long. …

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Who could’ve predicted a virus that would seal everyone in their homes? Away from work, from people, you might be working remotely and spending more time with family.

As a full-time employee, it’s challenging to adopt the new norm. …

Writer | Storyteller | Entrepreneur |Coffee addict | Vicious reader

Me day dreaming some big idea


Hi wonderful people!

My name is Yousuf Rafi, and I am on a mission to inspire 100,000 people with my writing.

My birth was unexpected, but I want to make my life worth living.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah with…

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Will you go to a plumber to take advice on real estate?

Insane, though, right? So, you will probably not listen to me unless I show some proof that I’ve been making $100+ for several months.

It all began with me entering the $100 club. …

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For some writers, words come naturally, and they can write a paragraph, a blog, or even a novel in a single sitting; for other’s they might experience something called ‘writer’s block.’

Writer’s block may come in various forms, but when triggered, it can make you blank, and you cannot compose…

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Good content leaves deep scars.

You might not feel that right away, but good content penetrates your subconscious mind and speaks with you later on.

If you’re a writer like me, the daily struggle of writing good content might overstrain you. But, I have been doing it for some time…

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It all begins with a dream.

A dream to feel more, do more, and bring some meaning to our lives.

If you are struggling out there in your 9–5 job and planning to quit and start your freelancing career, this blog will help you plan things and know about things…

Yousuf Rafi

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