COVID-19 Survivor & Life Lessons

Yousuf Rafi
5 min readSep 11, 2020

My body temperature was 102 degrees. I was shaking. My whole body was about to collapse. It was then my uncle, who is a doctor, asked me to isolate for 14 days.

Isolation for 14 days. Like seriously? Surely, I am an introvert but that doesn’t mean that I can stay away from people for 14 days.

In those days of isolation, I’ve realized a couple of things. The COVID-19 epidemic can get serious if you don’t take care of it in the early stage.

I am Yousuf Rafi and here’s what I’ve learned from 14 days of living in a room, locked away from everything.

Life Lessons

1. Sleep Over Your Problems

In life, there will be times when you get tired. You’ll feel that nothing is working out. Let me tell you a secret. That’s perfectly normal.

Just like all the fingers in your hand are not equal, every day in your life will not be the same. Some days you’ll cry out of joy while other days might bring you sorrow.

When I first heard about my disease I slept for 9 hours straight. And yes that made me feel better.

What I’ve learned is that sleep cures, sleep rejuvenates, sleep makes you feel better even when things seem out of control. When you feel stuck in a problem and can’t find a way out, pray to GOD and sleep over it.

2. Nothing Will Be The Same

It’s stupid to cry on yesterday’s problems. How I got infected was a stupid question to ask? How to prevent me today was something that I can control.
Every day will bring new problems. If you waste your time in resolving or thinking about yesterday's problems how will you deal with the present day's problems?

Whatever you feel right now, remember that nothing will be the same tomorrow. A bad day at work. A fight with your better half. Rude comments from a stranger. Nothing will be the same tomorrow, so why bother thinking about it at all.

Look forward to the new day with lots of love, enthusiasm, and a passion to add value to the world. You’ve survived this far, this shall too pass.

3. What People Think of You is Their Problem

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