Dump the Negative Thoughts & Do This Instead

Yousuf Rafi
5 min readOct 12, 2020
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An average human thinks seven thoughts per second. That is 38–45 thoughts per minute. But do you know how many of these thoughts are negative?

By design, the human brain tends to focus on the dark side of things. That’s why, when left unchecked, our mind makes stories. Not just any stories. We develop stories about how things can mess-up.

Only you have the power to shift your mindset. As Tony Robbins says, “What humans can do is amazing; what they will do is usually disappointing.”

The emotional state restricts humans from thinking towards positivity. To change your thought, you need to change your behavior. And behavior will change once you change your emotional state.

The way to change your emotional state is not just by affirmations. It’s affirmations with action.

After reading tons of these books and attending lectures, I realized that the only way to change your negative thought pattern is to change your physiology.

How to Change your Physiology?

Can you guess the physical state of a depressed person?

Shallow shoulders, slow-talking, and are quieter.

We all do this when we feel depressed or negative. You need to change your physical state to transform those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Start by changing your breathing. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply, count for three seconds, and exhale deeply. This is the first step towards transforming your behavior.

Next, change your posture. If you are sitting, start walking; if you are walking, sit down.

Another way to shift your thoughts is to start talking rapidly.

When you talk fast, it shifts your focus from one thought to another, giving no room for negative thoughts.

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