Entrepreneurs should avoid these mistakes while pitching their idea to investors

The whole team is present but only your CEO is speaking

Finding an investor is like finding a new family for your business. And the more your investor know about your team members, the better.

You are telling a dry story

What most of the Entrepreneurs need to learn is the art of storytelling. Everyone can tell a dull story, but it takes practice to tell an engaging story.

Keep the presentation duration less than a minute

Most the young Entrepreneurs feel like, a long email will help to impress the investors.

Lack of clear direction & Strategy

What most of the Entrepreneurs fail to realize is that investors are visionaries too. If you’re willing to get something from the investor, you need to be specific about where you want your business to be in the next 5 years.

Features, not benefits will level up your game

Another mistake which entrepreneurs make when creating their pitch is to list a ton of features and technical terms.



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