The Essential, Yet Often Overlooked, Element Every Writer Needs

Every word we write carries the weight of our intentions.

Yousuf Rafi
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I still remember the chilling words: “Either write 850 words by the end of the day or don’t come back tomorrow.” The room felt colder, and my manager’s stern face didn’t help. There I was, fresh in the professional world, with my hobby suddenly turning into a daunting task.

I enjoyed writing and creating little 250-word pieces daily. But this was different. The challenge was real, the pressure was on, and the fear of failure was overwhelming.

Racing Against Time

With every tick of the clock, the weight on my shoulders grew heavier. Three hours of research felt like a lifetime. Every word I typed seemed to echo back at me, questioning if it was good enough. The screen was filled with words, but the word count seemed to mock me, creeping slowly to just 520.

The Judgment

Sweating and tired, I entered my manager’s cabin, my heart racing faster than my thoughts. The eight minutes he took to review my work felt like an eternity. I was prepared for disappointment; after all, I hadn’t met the word count. The silence was deafening, and the anticipation was killing me.

A Twist in the Tale

Then came the unexpected. My manager looked up, a smile playing on his lips, “Although the words are less, your intention is pure. So, you passed your first assignment as a writer.”

Intention Over Words

I was baffled. My intention? Did that really matter? It was then that I began to understand that writing isn’t just about filling a page with words. It’s about the meaning behind those words and the intention of the writer.

Lessons Learned

That day marked the start of my journey to understanding the true essence of writing. It wasn’t just about meeting targets; it was about conveying thoughts, sharing experiences, and touching hearts. My manager’s words stayed with me, guiding me through my career and reminding me that it’s the purity of intention that gives life to words.



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